7.30pm Thursday 29th July 2021

  1. Present: Cllrs. S. Radford (Chair) , A. Lagden, E. Spurdens, C. Wheatley and M. Wheatley, and Clerk Ms J. Kendall.

Apologies: None

Four members of the public attended the meeting,

  1. Minutes of the last meeting held on: 27th May 2021

The minutes were accepted as a true record. Proposed:  Cllr C. Wheatley, Seconded: Cllr L. Spurdens.

  1. Matters Arising:

Dog waste bins: Cllr Spurdens reported that no concerns have been raised from residents near the proposed site. Cllr Radford reported that other local villages had installed these bins, but it appeared volunteers were responsible for their emptying and restocking of bags. As our village is small it may not be a viable option without the assistance of WMDC. It was agreed to enquire further into the situation.  (SR & LS)

Defibrillator: Cllr Radford reported that Mr Ralph Horn has now replaced the old pads. The replacements cost £56 & will expire on 28 November 2023.  Requests for volunteers to be trained in the use of the defibrillator will be published as soon as suitable numbers can be confirmed with Mr Horn. She thanked Cllr M. Wheatley for installing movement activated solar lighting above the defibrillator enabling its use during the hours of darkness.

Speed enforcement: Cllr Radford reported that WMDC are reluctant to impose further traffic calming measures in the village without evidence of their necessity, evidenced by accident statistics and have no plans to take any initiatives at present. She reported that, looking at other villages within WMDC area, it seems that success in imposing any speed restrictions has been achieved by: traffic surveys, residents’ consultation, PACT meetings, hand-held speed cameras and consultation and approval by WYCPP.

ACTION: Cllr M. Wheatley will contact West Yorkshire Casualty Prevention Partnership to seek advice their advice on progressing speed enforcement within the village.

  1. Accounts:  Cllr. Spurdens reported a current PC bank account balance of £1468.
  2. Highways:

Cllr Radford reported that several potholes have been marked for repair in Darrington Road abutting the Cawood Gardens development.

In relation to our continuing concerns about the hazardous Doncaster Rd/ Darrington Rd junction, it appears that the suggested of use of a convex mirror at this location is not a method recommended or supported by WMDC for a variety of reasons. However, District Cllr Tony Hames has advised that members of WMDC Highways are to visit and assess safety measures, subsequent to the building of six new dwellings at  Potwells Farm and any impact of additional traffic, to assess if the current speed signage and road markings are adequate.

Resurfacing work is due to start on Sandy Gate Lane and Rigg Lane in August which will necessitate road closures at these locations.

  1. Planning:

Cllr Radford confirmed that concerns about the dangerous current siting of the two lighting columns and a telegraph pole at the centre of the pavement outside Cawood Gardens has been raised by Cllr Hames with the Highways Dept.. It appears these should have been listed for re-siting in the original planning application but, by an oversight, were not. BT and Amey Engineering have been requested to undertake this work. Cllr Radford has written to WMDC pointing out the dangers to pedestrians in the meantime and asking when this will be rectified. However, it seems this is in likely to be until later in the year.

  1. Correspondence:

Clerks and Councils Direct, Weekly Planning lists, Newsletters from YLCA, White Rose Newsletter, Register of Electors, Agenda for Town and Parish Council liaison group, Wakefield Branch meeting details, catalogues. Bookings for the village hall.

  1. Any Other Business:

Adoption of the Model Code of Conduct for Councillors: all present agreed to adopt this and Cllr Radford is looking into formal adoption procedures with the Monitoring Officer at WMDC.

Cllr C Wheatley reported that a village social has been requested in view of numerous events being cancelled due to the COVID lockdown. It was agreed to liaise with the Village Hall Committee for possible available dates.

Cllr Radford expressed concern that several vacancies on the Village Hall Committee may impact adversely on bookings for community group activities, but will endeavour to arrange a meeting with VH representatives to clarify the situation and offer what assistance may be required.

Cllr Lagden reported dumped waste on Sandy Gate Lane has been reported as fly-tipping by a concerned resident and promptly cleared by WMDC.

Yet another enquiry has been received from a party interested in the purchase and development of the Old Village School. The current owner has not indicated if he wishes to sell and the enquirer has been informed to contact the Land Registry for owner details as the PC cannot provide this information under the terms of the Data Protection Act.

Residents attending the meeting expressed concerns about lack of parking at the top of the village and inability to arrange any suitable arrangements to use the VH car park. They were advised this was not a matter for the PC and any queries should be taken up with the Village Hall Committee.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 8.35pm.

Date of Next Meeting:  7.30pm Thursday 30th September 2021


7.30pm Thursday 27th May 2021

1. Present: Cllrs. S. Radford, A. Lagden, E. Spurdens, C. Wheatley and M. Wheatley, and Clerk Ms J. Kendall.

Apologies: None

One member of the public attended the meeting, Cllr Tony Hames, who was welcomed to the meeting.

2. Minutes of the last meeting held on: 25th March 2021

The minutes were accepted as a true record. Proposed: Cllr L. Spurdens, Seconded: Cllr C. Wheatley.

3. Matters Arising:

Dog waste bins: Cllr Spurdens retabled concerns that a dog waste bin could be unsightly and possibly attract dumping of litter. She not yet heard from affected residents, living in close proximity to the common pathway, who are monitoring the situation. Cllr Spurdens will report back at the next meeting. This item was therefore deferred.

Notice board: Cllr Radford has purchased a new lockable board which can be attached to the present board and it will be erected as soon as possible. (Now done, with thanks to two local residents for their kind assistance.)

Defibrillator: The Clerk reported that she had spoken to Mr Ralph Horn who is overseeing the defibrillator and willing to train interested persons in its use.

Cllr Radford reported that she had spoken to representatives of the village hall, regarding the installation of a defibrillator solar light and further discussion will take place when the cost of purchase and installation is clearer.

Cllr M. Wheatley agreed to look into coatings for solar lighting, although it is recognised that this must be positioned so that it does not adversely affect the cottages backing on to the carpark.

Speed enforcement: see item 5 Highways below.

4. Accounts:  Cllr. Spurdens reported a current PC bank account balance of £761.

5. Highways:

A resident has contacted the PC with details of his concerns about speeding traffic on Darrington Road and suggesting the need for traffic calming measures, and highlighting the problems at the blind junction with Doncaster Road, the lack of signage and speeding on Doncaster Road.

This was discussed at length and the associated problems with the possible reduction of the current 30mph speed limit without any means of ensuring its enforcement. It was agreed that the only real deterrent to speeding traffic would be to install a permanent speed camera.

Cllr Hames agreed to raise these concerns with the WMDC Transport executive.

The Clerk will draft a reply to the resident.

Cllr Hames reported that the disruptive traffic lights on Darrington Road are due to be completed by June 6th. However, he raised concerns that the sewerage may not be adequate so further disruption may be expected.

He informed the meeting that 6 new properties are being developed at Potwells farm on Sandy Gate Lane, this will significantly increase traffic using the junction on Doncaster Road. In addition, the Cricket club is increasingly active which is also increasing traffic at the junction. He will pursue this with the Highways department.

Cllr Radford raised the issue that police accident figures, upon which Wakefield Council rely to assess highway enhancements and traffic calming measures, do not provide an accurate reflection of the true extent of the problem, neither at the junction with Doncaster Road nor at the bend by the bridge on Darrington Road.

However, in response to the PC’s recent request, a chevron sign has been erected but we still await further signage and road marking to delineate the road width.

Similarly road signage at the Doncaster road junction has been refreshed but we await improved road marking, drawing the attention of drivers on the main road to the potential hazard of emerging traffic from Darrington Road.

Potholes are still bad through the village, particularly at the Cawood Gardens development and this will be monitored for discussion at the next meeting.

On a positive note, it was reported that the farm traffic, which was raised as a concern in January, has improved throughout the village.

6. Planning:

Cllr Radford reported that recent planning applications had been submitted for housing alterations and development by both numbers 18 (approved) and 71 Darrington Road. She advised Councillors to refer to the details on WMDC website for full information and report any concerns, which she would then collate for our formal response, if any, to the Planning Dept..

Cllr Hames reported that a planning application had been submitted for a cafe in Hundhill to which there are objections over increased noise and traffic. The Manse is now up for sale with planning for a separate dwelling. The development for 6 dwellings at Potwells farm land  has been approved..

Concerns over the development at the Paddock, now called Cawood Gardens, were raised. Residents have expressed disappointment with the new builds; the development is deemed unsightly and the central gap, affording a view toward the church, is feared a likely target for further future development, despite a Restricted Development conditional order being imposed on new purchasers of the dwellings.

7. Correspondence:

Clerks and Councils Direct, Weekly Planning lists, Newsletters from YLCA, White Rose Newsletter, Register of Electors, Agenda for Town and Parish Council liaison group, Wakefield Branch meeting details, catalogues.

The Clerk will add the request for Scrutiny and Standards for members to the website.

Cllr Spurdens reported that 2 more shelves are to be fitted in the phone box.

Rural Broadband Consultations: Cllr Radford will respond, providing anecdotal information but advising that we do not have the capacity to collect the detailed information requested.

8. Any Other Business:

Adoption of the Model Code of Conduct for Councillors: Cllr Radford recommended that this revised document be adopted and this will be ratified at the next meeting. She will investigate the requisite form for completion by Councillors in respect of Declarations of Interest.

It was agreed that the Allotment Tenancy Agreement should be updated, with appropriate conditions, to allow the siting of a small shed by the allotment tenants.

Cllr C Wheatley will take over oversight of the Allotment from Cllr Radford and will also keep waiting lists of interested parties for each of the rental assets, for reallocation as and when these are vacated by tenants.

Cllr Lagden reported a resident’s concerns regarding full, possibly blocked, drains along Darrington Road. It was suggested that the resident be best advised to report such concerns via the specific form on the WMDC website, as this has been proved to be most effective means of ensuring remedial action is undertaken and also avoiding duplication.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9.15pm.

Date of Next Meeting7.30pm Thursday 29th July 2021



Thursday 27th May 2021 at 7.00pm


  1. Attendance & Apologies

Cllrs S. Radford, A. Lagden, M Wheatley, C Wheatley, E Spurdens, Clerk Ms J Kendall.

Also, Wakefield District Cllr T. Hames.

Cllr Radford congratulated Cllr Tony Hames on his election, extending a welcome to all attendees.

  1. Election of Chair

Cllr Radford was unanimously re-elected as Chair. Proposed Cllr E. Spurdens, Seconded Cllr A Lagden.

  1. Minutes of the last AGM meeting – 1stJuly 2020

The 3 large allotments had not been included in the list of rental assets.

The website has now been updated so that it is accessible and fully compliant.

These were accepted as a true record. Proposed Cllr S. Radford, Seconded Cllr E. Spurdens.

  1. Accounts Annual Governance and Accountability Return: Cllr. E. Spurdens

The Internal Audit was completed by John Ransome. This was approved.

The papers for the External Audit were completed.

ACTION: The Clerk will add these to the website, send the required documents to the auditors and display the papers on the noticeboard.

  1. Review of Rents

It was agreed to make a small increase to apply from January 2022:

Large allotments to increase to £15

Small allotments to remain at £10

Garages to increase to £30

Common Piece land to increase to £65.

  1. Any Other Business – None

In closing, the Chair extended thanks, on behalf of all Councillors to Clerk Ms Kendall, for her hard work and contribution to EHPC website improvements over the past year, to the continued benefit of all residents.

The meeting closed at 7.28pm


7.30pm Thursday 25th March 2021

This meeting was held remotely via the Zoom app.

  1. Present: Cllrs. A. Lagden, E. Spurdens, C. Wheatley and M. Wheatley and Clerk Ms J. Kendall.

Apologies: Cllr. S. Radford.

Two members of the public attended the meeting.

In the absence of Cllr Radford, acting chair Cllr Lagden welcomed all to the meeting.


  1. Minutes of the last meeting held on 28thJanuary 2021

Cllr Spurdens noted that the bank account balance was incorrect and should read £1288.69

The minutes were then accepted as a true record. Proposed: Cllr L. Spurdens, Seconded: Cllr A. Lagden.


  1. Matters Arising: 


Speed Enforcement: Cllr Wheatley reported that he has not heard back from Ackworth Council. The 30 mph stickers for wheelie bins are £10 for 6 however, it was felt that the cost could not be justified.


Dog waste bins: Cllr Spurdens tabled concerns that a dog waste bin could be unsightly and possibly attract dumping of litter. She has spoken to Mr L Driffield, who lives at the corner who is monitoring the situation and will report back at the next meeting.  It is still not yet known whether WMDC will empty it. This item was therefore deferred.


Notice board: Cllr Spurdens reported that she has moved the EHPC notice board to the side of her barn, for ease of future access.  Purchase of a new lockable board that can be attached to the board was tabled and will be discussed at the next meeting.


Highways. See item 5 below.


  1. Accounts: Cllr. Spurdens reported a current PC bank account balance of £1288.69.

The Precept was returned by the Clerk.

Cllr Wheatley has collected the rents.

Membership of the YLCA will be returned.


  1. Highways: Cllr Radford had received and circulated a reply from WMDC who had visited the sites in response to concerns about the dangerous corners at the bridge and top of Darrington Road.

WMDC responded:

The junction of the A639 Hardwick Road and Darrington Road does have visibility issues and amendments have been made over the years by bringing out the give way road markings to improve the sight lines. The road was also surfaced dressed last summer and we will be looking at adding 30mph road marking roundels along the unlit length of the road and we will look at issuing this work to the lining contractor shortly. 


In terms of the bends along Darrington Road, these have recently received some sign maintenance with a new chevron being installed and the re-siting of warning signs for the bends and narrow bridge with the ‘REDUCE SPEED NOW’ message. Now the weather is improving we will contact the lining contractor to re-mark the edge of carriageway markings along the full length of the route from the end of the housing through to Moor Road. In addition I will arrange for ‘SLOW’ markings to be installed adjacent to the aforementioned warning signs.

……..space is limited and possibly too narrow for vehicle restraint barriers. In addition, reported incident numbers do not appear to support further intervention. 

In terms of the latest 5 year personal injury accidents ( ie. reported to the Police ) record for East Hardwick village, including Hardwick Road and Darrington Road as a whole indicates there have been no incidents.”


It was agreed that this is a very disappointing response and that any future accidents would be recorded and photographed whenever possible. The subject will be discussed further at the next PC meeting.



  1. Planning: Nothing to report.


  1. Correspondence:

Clerks and Councils Direct, Weekly Planning lists, Newsletters from YLCA, White Rose Newsletter, Register of Electors, Agenda for Town and Parish Council liaison group, Wakefield Branch meeting details, catalogues.


Cllr Radford reported that HM Land Registry had asked that a local survey be completed by 26 February 2021.  However, as there are no formal copies of PC land assets, we await the re-opening of the Wakefield Archives in order that we can then research and submit a comprehensive response to HM Land Registry.


The Clerk reported the following items had been dealt with:

  • An enquiry from Thorpe Audlin PC re setting up owl boxes.
  • An enquiry about sale of the school.
  • Several messages from residents in the kennels concerned about the welfare of ponies in a field by the main road. They were assured that the RSPCA and HAPPA inspectors were aware, had visited the site and were monitoring the situation.
  • A complaint about overhanging branches impeding the footpath by Church Lane, these have now been cut back.
  • Election notices have been displayed as legally required.
  • Renewal of YLCA membership.
  • Notification by a resident that potholes have been filled on Sandy Gate Lane, the Manse and Darrington Road, necessitated after flooding and contractors vehicles at the building site.

The Clerk thanked Cllr Radford for her help in resolving these issues.

The Clerk thanked Diane and John Ransome for their work in maintaining the phone box library. They have requested that 2 more shelves are fitted and Cllr Spurdens will liaise with them.


Cllr. Spurdens reported that she had offered the monies to the village hall in lieu of rent as agreed at the last meeting. However,  although this was appreciated, it was declined as the village hall has received support from WMDC.


Cllr Wheatley reported that he had spoken to a local resident who has concerns about the siting of the defibrillator – it is very dark at night approaching the village hall and the defibrillator cannot be seen. It was requested that a phone box be purchased and the defibrillator be sited within. This was discussed and it was felt that a PIR or solar powered light would be a more feasible solution.

ACTION: Cllr M Wheatley will investigate.


Concerns were also raised about servicing of the defibrillator.

ACTION: The Clerk will investigate and speak to Mrs Susan Marshall.


In addition, Mr Ralph Horn has offered a refresher course on using the defibrillator and it was agreed that this would be useful when the situation is more normal.



  1. Any Other Business:

WMDC Litter picking action day – Cllr Radford had looked into this and it was felt that there may be pitfalls over personal liability insurance. There is increasing littering and dumping around the village which is a concern. The WMDC website offers litter picking kits for those who are keen to help and the official Council Street Scene bag provided would be collected by WMDC.


Adoption of the Model Code of Conduct for Councillors. The Clerk has circulated this and it was agreed that Councillors would read the document before the next meeting.

ACTION: To read document for possible adoption in May.

Date of Next Meeting:

7.00pm AGM Thursday 27th May 2021

7.30pm Meeting of the PC                                                          

The meeting closed at 8.08pm.


Thursday 28th January 2021

This meeting was held remotely via the Zoom app.

  1. Present: Cllrs. S. Radford, A. Lagden, E. Spurdens and Clerk Ms J. Kendall.

Apologies: Cllrs C. Wheatley and M. Wheatley.

No members of the public attended the meeting.

  1. Minutes of the last meeting held on: 26thNovember 2020

The minutes were accepted as a true record. Proposed: Cllr, L. Spurdens, Seconded: Cllr A. Lagden.

  1. Matters Arising: 

Speed Enforcement: in the absence of Cllr Wheatley this item was deferred until the next meeting.

Community Infrastructure Levy: Cllr Radford reported that the new development on the Paddock, Cawood Gardens, may well  generate  additional funds for the PC. This will be assessed at 25% of the overall Community Levy imposed on the development. This money must be spent within 5 years and receipts and expenditure must be published annually. Possible spending was discussed: speed enforcement, repair to the pump, war memorial pointing, village hall, and church roof were discussed. It was agreed to consult village residents via the Facebook page, notices and website, when amounts are known and further information is received from Wakefield Council.

Dog waste bins: Cllr Spurdens tabled concerns that a dog waste bin could be unsightly for residents at the top of Common Piece Lane and possibly attract dumping of litter. It is not yet known whether WMDC will have the manpower to empty it. This item was therefore deferred until the situation is more normal and in the meantime, Cllr Spurdens will speak to the local residents on whom such a provision may impact.

Notice board: Cllr Spurdens has taken down the EHPC notice board in preparation for moving it to the side of her barn, adjacent to the red phone box, for ease of future access. However the board is very heavy and in poor repair. Purchase of a new board was discussed.

Action: Cllr Radford will investigate and circulate possibilities to councillors.

Grit: the Clerk ordered new supplies from WMDC which were delivered. There is concern that the new supply has diminished very quickly. The Clerk has given a telephone contact to Cllr Spurdens so she can arrange a pickup for further supplies to be stored at Driffield’s farm, as the existing store is now very low.


  1. Accounts: Cllr. Spurdens reported a current PC bank account balance of £1628.99.

It was agreed that the Clerk will purchase a new computer as the existing one is proving to be no longer fit for purpose, despite repair.

It was also agreed that the money set aside for rental for last year’s meetings should be donated to the village hall.

Rent Review: it was agreed that there will be no change to the rents for allotments, garages and common piece land.

Precept: Cllrs Spurdens and Lagden presented the figures for the precept.  It was agreed that this year’s precept will be £979.

Action:  Cllr Lagden will complete the forms and the Clerk will send them to WMDC.


  1. Highways: There is concern that at least 4 cars have fallen into the deep ditch by the bridge at the lower end of Darrington Road this month. It was agreed that the steep drop at the side of the road is a hazard and very dangerous. The Clerk has reported this to WMDC and has received a job reference but there has been no progress to date.  However, the warning sign, previously left lying in the ditch, has been replaced.

Concern has been expressed by a number of residents at the current levels of ‘lamping’ taking place on adjacent fields. These acts of cruelty, damage and nuisance are being actively monitored by the Police, local neighbourhood watch groups and farmers whose crops are being regularly damaged overnight by trespassers’ vehicles.


  1. Planning: Cllr Radford reported planning approval had been given by for Glam Living, developers of Cawood Gardens,  to site an underground 4000litre LPG tank and change the design of Plot 4.  Plots 3 & 4 have now been sold. Building work is progressing.


7. Correspondence: Clerks and Councils Direct, Weekly Planning lists, Newsletters from YLCA, White Rose Newsletter, Register of Electors, Agenda for Town and Parish Council liaison group, Wakefield Branch meeting details, catalogues.

HM Land Registry has asked that a local survey is completed by 26 February 2021. The Clerk will forward details to Cllr Radford for completion.

In this regard, Cllr Radford reported that prior to lockdown she had arranged to visit Wakefield Archives to clarify matters regarding ownership and responsibility for various parcels of land within the Parish boundaries. This will be done as soon as current restrictions allow and this will inform the information requested by the Land Registry.

It was agreed that no action would be needed re. the NALC request for interested councils to complete a Council General Power of Competence application. It is not currently envisaged we would require such a registration, due to the size of our PC and absence of any foreseeable commercial interests.

The Clerk had an enquiry from Little Smeaton PC re burials which was referred to the vicar.

The 2021 Councillors Census handbook has been circulated by the Clerk advising us of the national Census to be conducted on 21 March 2021 and asking for cooperation, if required, from local Councils to assist the enumerators. Our assistance was agreed and we await further updates from WMDC.

​A 50 point climate action plan for Councils has been received and will be perused by Councillors.

Cllr Radford reported that the Home Office has now passed legislation and issued further guidance to Police Forces regarding Illegal Encampments by Travellers. Terms of imprisonment and/or heavy fines can be imposed on persons refusing to leave private or public land when required to do so.

The reforms, part of the Police Powers and Protection Bill, will give Councils power to direct Travellers to authorised sites in neighbouring council districts. The threshold for intervention will be lowered from six illegally parked caravans to two. This follows the Home Office consultation paper in which the EHPC took part last year.

  1. Any Other Business: The Clerk reported that the ‘Welcome to New residents’ document was completed and hand-delivered to new residents.

Date of Next Meeting:  7.30pm Thursday 25th March 2021

The meeting closed at 9.00pm.


7.30pm Thursday 26th November 2020

This meeting was held remotely via the Zoom app.

  1. Present: Cllrs. S. Radford, A. Lagden, C. Wheatley, M. Wheatley, E. Spurdens and Clerk Ms J. Kendall.

Apologies: None

No members of the public attended the meeting.

  1. Minutes of the last meeting held on: 24 September 2020

Cllr Lagden requested that the wording on item 8c should read: “Cllr Lagden agreed to chair the meeting on an ad hoc basis”, deleting reference to ‘Acting Chair’. The minutes were then accepted as a true record. Proposed: Cllr, C. Wheatley, Seconded: Cllr S Radford.

  1. Matters Arising: 

Website Accessibility: Cllr Radford thanked the Clerk for updating the website in accordance with new requirements and refreshing the front page with an amended title font and logo.

Community Infrastructure Levy:

Cllr Radford reported that the development on the Paddock, now called Cawood Gardens, should generate additional funds for the PC.

Potentially, a four-figure sum, representing 25% of the overall Community Levy imposed on appropriate new developments, may be expected. This PC funding will be classified as the ‘Neighbourhood Fund’ and as such is to enable local funding of projects in the spheres of: education, medical and transport. Once approved, such projects can then apply for any ongoing support maintenance, from the District Council’s Strategic Fund, which receives the other 75% of the Community Levy paid by the developer. This money must be spent within 5 years of receipt. It is assumed that the sum will be paid directly to the PC, but the detail will be researched by Cllr Radford through Ms Morgan Stringer, WDC Spatial Planning Dept. Cllr Spurdens will report on any receipts at the next meeting.

Dog waste bins:

Cllr Radford addressed concerns, previously expressed by residents to Cllr Spurdens, on the EHPC Community Facebook site for views. Only one negative concern was received that their provision may increase visitor numbers. Most felt it a good idea and various appropriate locations were suggested, particularly at the top of Common Piece Lane. Cllr Radford has contacted WDC with regard to bin supply and maintenance but has not yet received a reply. She will forward details to Cllr Spurdens.

Action: Cllr Spurdens will pursue this.

Remembrance Sunday:

 Cllr. Radford thanked Cllr. Spurdens for arranging purchase and collection of the wreath. This was laid at the war memorial and all members of the PC attended.  Feedback from the village has been very positive.

Action: Notice board: Cllr Spurdens will move the EHPC notice board to the side of her barn, adjacent to the red phone box, for ease of future access.

  1. Accounts:  Cllr. Spurdens reported a current PC bank account balance of £1654.29. Payments to BHIB for annual insurance cover of £330 and invoice for website development have been paid. A hard copy of the insurance documents has not been received, but an e-copy from BHIB confirms that we have the requisite cover.
  2. Highways: Cllr C Wheatley has extended our thanks to residents on     the FB Community page for their assistance in helping to avoid the need for formal road markings.

Cllr M Wheatley reported that no reply has been received to his email, sent in July to Cllr Jones and WDC, with regard to missing 30mph limit signs, in and around the village, and the A639. Cllr Radford advised that the 3ton weight restriction sign, having been knocked down, remains in the ditch by the bridge. He said he would pursue these matters further.

He advised having been in contact with Ackworth Parish Council with regard to the efficacy of Smiley Sid and wheelie-bin stickers and that his query has been passed for reply to their road safety committee.

A discussion ensued regarding established footpaths across certain fields having been ploughed and re-seeded appearing to prevent access for walkers using these rights-of-way.

Action: Cllr Spurdens agreed to speak informally to her neighbouring farmer colleagues for assistance in delineating the pathway on the field from the bridge to the main road.

  1. Planning: Cllr Radford reported that planning approval has been sought from WDC by the developers of the Cawood Gardens to site an underground Calor Gas tank. All present took a neutral view on the application, at this stage. Building work is progressing.
  2. Correspondence:  Clerks and Councils Direct, Weekly Planning lists, Newsletters from YLCA, White Rose Newsletter, Register of Electors, Agenda for Town and Parish Council liaison group, Wakefield Branch meeting details, catalogues, booking requests for the village hall.

Notification from WDC that salt orders had to be placed by PC’s before the end of November for a 5ton pre-winter delivery. It was decided that salt will be ordered if and when current supplies run low and Cllr Spurdens will collect with her colleague who has offered the use of his trailer.

The Clerk read the email from YLCA with regard to poor attendance at Wakefield Branch meetings. No Councillor feels that they have capacity to attend at present.

The Clerk has received a guidance booklet on holding events which was tabled at the last Branch meeting, which she will circulate.

  1. Any Other Business: A ‘Welcome to New residents’ document was tabled; this was agreed to be a good idea and the Clerk will complete the draft and liaise with the church and village hall representatives.

Date of Next Meeting: 7.30pm Thursday 28th January 2021

The meeting closed at 8.45pm.


7.30pm Thursday 24th September 2020

This meeting was held remotely via the Zoom app.

    1. Present: Cllrs. S. Radford, A. Lagden, C. Wheatley, E. Spurdens and Clerk Ms J. Kendall. No members of the public attended the meeting.
    2. Apologies: Cllr M. Wheatley.
    3. Minutes of the last meeting held on 1st July 2020: These were accepted as a true record. Proposed: Cllr, C. Wheatley, Seconded: Cllr S Radford.
    4. Matters Arising:   Planning: Cllr Radford reported that the recent electricity cut for residents on Doncaster Rd, had been investigated and it appeared that development work at the Mayfield farm site may have been a contributory factor. The worrying incident was reported to Cllr David Jones for further enquiry by WMDC Planning to ensure that no breach of planning regulations had occurred and that residents could be assured that no further loss of power was likely.                                                                                             Website Accessibility: the Clerk reported that the Accessibility statement had been uploaded and the website now updated according to new requirements. The Clerk will add descriptions to the photographs where necessary. Cllr Radford suggested that the website be refreshed with an amended title font and logo. The Clerk will liaise with the web designer.
    5. Accounts: Cllr Spurdens reported that the balance of the bank account is £1014.29. The annual insurance premium of £330 is due to be paid in November. Nothing has been heard from the auditors to indicate any issue with the recent submission of accounts. The Chair extended thanks to all those involved in the time-consuming process.
    6. Highways: Cllr C. Wheatley reported that residents had been reminded of the 10m parking restriction at the junction of Darrington Road/ A639, and the situation is much improved, with only the odd exception.

ACTION: Cllr Wheatley said she would extend our thanks to residents on the FB group page for their assistance in helping to avoid the need for formal road markings.

An email has been sent to Cllr Jones and WMDC with regard to missing 30mph limit signs in and around the village and A639, but no response has been received to date.

Cllr Spurdens reported having spoken informally to her neighbouring farmer colleagues and asking that they remind employees of the concerns of residents about speeding tractors through the village. All were amenable and have spoken to their drivers. The situation appears improved.

Cllr Radford suggested the idea of supplying residents with speed reminder notices for sticking on their wheelie bins – an initiative successfully implemented in other local councils.

ACTION: Cllr Wheatley will contact Ackworth PC as to the efficacy of these as well as their recent results after implementation of the portable Smiley Sid speeding device.

7.  Planning: Cllr Radford gave an update on the Paddock development and reported that new plans for plots 2 and 3 were approved on 3 Sept and work had been commenced immediately. Discharge of conditions relating to materials, boundaries and maintenance have since also been approved. The front boundary will now be a stone wall with 1.8 m timber boundary fencing to the sides. A very comprehensive 5 year maintenance schedule contract has been agreed by the developers with a reputable landscape specialist company, for ongoing management and general care of the site viz: mowing of the central area, care of foliage and boundary hedges, removal of litter & cuttings, as well as regular site inspections. Full details and photographs can be found on the WMDC planning website.

9.  Correspondence: Clerks and Councils Direct, Weekly planning lists, Newsletters from YLCA, White Rose Newsletter, Register of Electors, Agenda for Town and Parish Council liaison group, Wakefield Branch meeting details, catalogues, booking requests for the village hall.

7.  Any Other Business:

Cllr Spurdens will move the EHPC notice board to the side of her barn, adjacent to the red phone box, for ease of future access.

Cllr Wheatley reported on a possible future income stream through CIL (Community infrastructure Levy) whereby certain areas may benefit from additional funding when new property development has taken place in their village.

ACTION: She will make further enquiries with other local councils regarding the possibility of our eligibility.

Chair of Committee: Cllr Radford reported that she is to leave the village next month, having purchased a new home elsewhere in the Wakefield area. Having sought advice from YLCA she can confirm her eligibility to continue as Chair despite not being a village resident. However, this situation was not ideal as a permanent solution and no one currently is available to act as Vice Chair or take on the role of Chair. However, in the interim, Cllr Lagden has agreed to stand-in as Acting Chair, on an ad hoc basis, but clearly a new Councillor is needed. Cllr Radford is willing to continue as Chair in the short term. She was thanked for her contribution to the village over the last 3 years and told she had made a great impact, will be sorely missed and was wished well for the future. She thanked fellow Councillors for their kind words of support.

ACTION: The Clerk will advertise the role on the website and Councillors will canvass village residents.

Cllr Wheatley has received interest for an allotment tenancy and will liaise with Cllr Radford who holds a waiting list.

Cllr Spurdens reported that there has been a complaint about dog bags littering the Common Lane and a request for a bin to be located at the top of Common Lane.

ACTION: Cllr Radford will raise the subject on the FB Group page to determine local need and contact WMDC if appropriate.

Cllr Spurdens reported that she has ordered our Parish Council wreath for the Remembrance service from a new supplier.

ACTION: Clerk. It is hoped that COVID Regulations will not prevent the attendance of those wishing to pay their respects at the Memorial at 10am Sunday 8th November, but an update will be published on the website and FB group in advance.

10.  Date of Next Meeting7.30pm Thursday 26th November 2020.      

The meeting closed at 8.25pm.


7.30pm 1st July 2020
This meeting was held remotely via the Zoom app.

1. Present: Cllrs. S. Radford, A. Lagden, C. Wheatley, M. Wheatley, E. Spurdens and Clerk Ms J. Kendall.
Apologies: None.
No members of the public attended the meeting.

2. Minutes of the last meeting held in January 2020: These were accepted as a true record. Proposed: Cllr S Radford, Seconded: Cllr E. Spurdens.

3. Matters Arising:
VE Day celebration 8-10th May 2020: Cllr C. Wheatley reported that sadly the event had been cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic. However, a successful scarecrow festival with a 1940s theme and an afternoon tea celebration were held. These raised community spirit, there was great participation in making scarecrows and was featured on BBC Look North. Thanks to the local judge Sheila Hammond and to Pam Spreckley and Cllr Radford for their support. Flags were kindly donated by villager Claire Baker on behalf of Carlton Towers, Snaith. Numerous event plans are already being made for next year. Cllr Radford proposed a vote of thanks to Cllrs C and M Wheatley for their work.

4. Accounts: Cllr Spurdens reported that the balance of the bank account is £1103.47.

5. Highways: Cllr M. Wheatley reported that the junction with Darrington Road and the A639 has now been re-marked and the clarity is improved. The 30mph limit has not been replaced and he has reported this to Cllr David Jones. Cllr Jones is looking at redesign of the junction to make it safer. In addition, 2 other issues need to be addressed: speeding through the village and on the 30mph section of the A639. Also, he said that a concerned resident had reported that a constant hazard existed at the same A639 junction as vehicles were being illegally parked within 10 metres permitted from the mouth of the junction, obscuring the sight-line for traffic leaving and entering Darrington Rd. It was agreed that in the first instance, residents will be reminded of their obligations on the community Facebook page.

A number of concerns had been aired by residents regarding the inappropriate speed of farm vehicles driving through the village, with their drivers often being observed using mobile phones. Cllr Spurdens was asked to speak informally to her neighbouring farmer colleagues and ask that they remind their employees of the concerns of residents.

Cllr Wheatley will report the potholes outside number 32 on Darrington Road to WMDC Highways.

6. Planning: Cllr Radford reported that new plans for plots 2 and 3 on the Paddock site have been submitted and appear to consist of the addition of an extra floor, raising the overall height of the previously approved plots. Additionally, the enforcement notice served upon the site developers has been ignored and the adjacent verges not maintained which does not bode well for site management when any building commences and remains a source of concern. Cllr Radford reported that locals were sufficiently concerned about safety she had cleared the ground in front of the hoardings so the footpath is safe for residents. The decision to make a formal objection to the WMDC in respect of the application, was supported.

Residents on Doncaster Rd have raised concerns about the planting of laurel bushes and increased boundaries and major earth removal at Mayfield Caravan Park, apparently without planning permission having been obtained. A visit by the Council’s planning enforcement office has been requested and Cllr David Jones informed of the concerns of all residents regarding the site owner’s future plans.

It has been noted that the school site has recently been cleared and is again helping to improve the street scene considerably.

7. Correspondence: Clerks and Councils Direct, Weekly planning lists, Newsletters from YLCA, White Rose Newsletter, Register of Electors, Agenda for Town and Parish Council liaison group, Wakefield Branch meeting details, catalogues.

Website Accessibility Assessment requirements – Cllr Radford and the Clerk will review the website with regard to the new requirements and the website host will be contacted for a quote to work on the website.
Code of Conduct for Local Councils. National Assoc of Local Councils had requested a response regarding their consultation paper on standards and accountability of Councillors – Cllr Radford outlined the new proposals and sanctions and recommended we support the NALC.. It was agreed that the Clerk should communicate our favourable response.
8. Any Other Business:
Letters of thanks were written to Mrs Susan Marshall and Mr Roy Donaldson for their upkeep of both the memorial for Cllr Gordon Spurdens and the War Memorial garden. Mrs Marshall has acknowledged the letter.

9. Date of Next Meeting: 7.30pm on Thursday 24th September 2020.

The meeting closed at 8.10pm.