DRAFT Minutes of the meeting: Wednesday 29th May 2024

Present: Cllrs E. Spurdens, A. Lagden, J. Barker, District Cllr. B. Mayhew and Ms J. Kendall Clerk
Apologies: Cllr G. Taylor, C. Wheatley.
No members of the public attended the meeting.

1. Cllr A. Lagden took the role of chair and welcomed all to the meeting.

2. Minutes of the meeting on 24.3.24
Mr R. Donaldson contacted the PC to make the following amendments: the track is known as Pudding Bush Lane, the lane is not owned by Cawood Trust, the Cawood Trust does not have an Ackworth branch.
With these amendments, the minutes were approved: Proposed Cllr Spurdens, Seconded Cllr Barker.

3. Matters Arising:
• Pump Shed Restoration: this has been completed and photographs taken by Mr B. Lunn have been displayed on the website. The cost was £2250, lower than estimated and paid from CIL funds.
• Dog bins: Cllr Barker will follow up with Mr Hames, ex district councillor. She has also received complaints from residents in Hundhill
• Air quality concerns – Cllr Barker will follow up any progress with Mr Hames.
• Pudding Bush Lane rental: Cllr Spurdens reported that she spoke to Mr Lee and no rent is paid for the track. Mr Lee maintains the lane. Mr Donaldson sent historical background for Pudding Bush Lane – prior to the 1950s when a refuse service was provided, household waste was left at locations around the village, collected by farmers and taken to the dump at Pudding Bush Lane. Historically the Cawood Trust made a small financial contribution to keep the lane mud and vegetation free for ease of access.
• D Day anniversary flag. Cllr Spurdens reported that she had spoken to Mr Donaldson and he had purchased the flag. It will be flown on 6th June alongside the Union Jack. A lamp of Peace will be lit at the war memorial at 9.15pm. Posters have been displayed around the village and on the website and Face book page. Thanks to Mr Donaldson for planting the war memorial garden.
• It was agreed to write a letter of thanks to ex councillor Hames. The Clerk will draft.
• Domain The Clerk reported that she has attended training delivered by the Cabinet Office on adopting a .gov address. This is not a requirement but a recommendation and gives a professional and official recognition to the Council. There are 30 suppliers and councils are advised to contact a selection for quotes. The YLCA is now also offering a .gov service. It was felt that this is an expensive change. This was discussed. At present the council has a .org address. It was agreed to defer the decision.

4. Accounts
Cllr Barker reported that on-line banking and the Linked Business Saving Account is working well. The balance is £10898.59. This includes the CIL money of £7851.85.
The use of the CIL money to fund the disabled village hall toilets was again discussed. It is felt that resolving ownership of the village hall may take time and the money must be spent by 2026. Other suggestions for use of the CIL money include a notice board and new signage for the village. It was agreed that one notice board in a prominent position should suffice. Cllr Spurdens is happy that this can be placed on her land by the telephone box. ACTION: the Clerk will collect examples.
It was agreed that signage should also be improved to reflect the new boundaries. This will be decided at the next meeting.
There was some discussion about the two brick bus shelters, Cllr Barker reported that Mr S. Collins, the builder, has checked both and they are safe for the time being. As they are used by walkers and cyclists to shelter it is queried whether they should be insured. ACTION: Cllr Mayhew will follow up with WMDC as to who owns the shelters.
The pump was underinsured and this has been rectified.
There have been complaints regarding the wilding around the bus shelter and pump – action will be deferred to the next meeting.

Cllr Spurdens reported that she had received complaints about the hedge restricting the view of the road by the allotments. ACTION: Cllr Spurdens will speak to Cllr Wheatley who will be requested to follow this up.

6. Planning
Cllr Lagden reported that there are no current planning applications.

7. Correspondence
YLCA training courses and bulletins were forwarded to members of the PC as relevant.
WMDC Precept remittance was received.
Election posters were displayed as requested.
The domain has been renewed.
Details of the new YLCA website have been circulated to all councillors.
The D Day poster has been displayed.

8. Dates for forthcoming meetings: It was agreed to hold meetings on the last Wednesday of the month. ACTION: The Clerk will book the village hall.
9. AOB – none
10. Date of the Next meeting: July 31st 2024. Chair: Cllr Spurdens.
The meeting closed at 8.35pm.