Older 2015 – 2016

The Village Show was revived in 2015 and will be held again in September this year.


The Village Pump has been repaired. Thanks to Steve Sykes for organising and overseeing the repair.Shelter




The War Memorial – thanks to Roy Donaldson for tending the garden.

The field edge by the footpath – has been cut pack and tidied. Thanks to Sue Marshall, Tom Dyer and Marcus Chambers.

The missing stone on the bridge – thanks to Steve Sykes who has sourced a stone and will oversee the repair.

Accident Hotspot – there have been 5 accidents on the corner by the bridge since Christmas. Please support the Parish Council by contacting WMDC and requesting further signage and a barrier.

The Transparency Code – funding has been awarded for the Parish Council to meet this government requirement. The Parish must meet the outstanding amount; hence the precept has increased for this financial year.

The website – thanks to Brian Lunn for supplying the photographs for the website. Please send further photographs, memories of the village, or notifications to the email below, or contact a member of the committee.