Village Hall Update September 2020

The following steps have been put in place to assist with the reopening the East Hardwick Village Hall on 7th September.
This assists and reassures the community that we can safely reopen the building and maintain social distancing:
 Determine the safe occupancy level for the building, which is detailed in the VH Risk Assessment (displayed in the VH window)

 Review opening and closing times of the building to allow staggered usage giving more opportunity for social distancing

 Introducing signage and markings to aid with social distancing

 Reducing the amount of people allowed in the VH at any one time

 Stipulated no Kitchen or changing facilities are available

 Deployed additional cleaning routines by the VH Caretakers who will carry out frequent wiping down of regularly touched surfaces on days the building is in use

 Introduced additional communication so we can keep in touch with Group Leaders and VH Users, this supports monitoring of compliance of the new measures and ensuring hand sanitisers and cleaning products are always available

 Provided contact details for VH Caretakers and Group Leaders so users can contact with queries before travelling to building

 Introduced one way system for entry and exit of VH

 Reviewed procedures for external visitors – By appointment only. Number of external visitors limited

 Working with Group Leaders, VH Committee to regularly review the arrangements put in place.

 Bookings for Parties/Wedding receptions are temporary suspended.

 All groups prior to using the VH will provide a Risk Assessment that the VH Committee will consider in line with GOV guidance